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Queen of the Pumpkin Patch

I'm the ghost with the most, babe.
Waitin on Halloween.

More spirit spookiness, Ouija board again, a new one I just bought. We tried it three times before we knew we had to put it away. Every time we asked for their name they would spell out "Zaza", which is another name for the demon Zozo or Zuzu. This happened three times, the third they even tried to trick us into thinking they were a different spirit, but they were lying and the second they started going back and forth between "z" and "a" we said goodbye. I need to purify my board I think.

Creepy, it’s definitely not good to have the board go backwards on the letters and numbers. Try white sage, rosemary, or juniper to cleanse your board!

well there was six of us and we were determined to get good inspo for our play (which turned out awesome) but no ZoZo never did show up thankfully. We think we contacted two children. The building used to be a library actually. the thing that really scared us was the smell of rotting meat. I mean. That's just bad news. We were also really afraid we would contact our one prof who died the year before. he was a great ma but we wouldn't be able to handle that.

Oh my gosh that would have been pretty creepy if he showed up. That’s a really cool story though, do you still have the board?

Freaky ghostie things! So my friend and I were using an Ouija board a couple times. The first time a rather angry "spirit" disrupted our wireless connection to break off my friend's skype call with her boyfriend because they were apparently in love with her. She didn't know who they were even after they spelled their name, and they said that she didn't know them personally. Later we did a bit of research and "Mama" turned out to be a demon. Which was exactly the name the board spelled out.

I’ve heard of stories of Zozo and Mama taking a liking to people using the Ouija Board, particularly females. Did your friend have any strange things happen to her afterwards?

my mom died when i was 4, anyway i guess about 2 weeks after her funeral i was alone in my room at night, it was dark, and when my dad found me, i was apparently talking to no one, but insisted that a lady in white was right there. bc of the timing, and the fact that my mom was buried in a long white dress (which i only learned when i was older as i didnt go to the funeral) like i described the lady wearing, a) i really freaked my dad out and b) im convinced i saw my mom's ghost that night.

That is a very awesome story! You’re madre was watching over you :) You might have some medium abilities somewhere inside you too deary.

Cool story! I’ve always wanted to play with the Ouija board but I might be too chicken shit, who knows. I love finding videos on YouTube and reading stories about them though. I’m hearing a lot of hype about “ZoZo” and “Mama” phenomenon too.

Cool story! I’ve always wanted to play with the Ouija board but I might be too chicken shit, who knows. I love finding videos on YouTube and reading stories about them though. I’m hearing a lot of hype about “ZoZo” and “Mama” phenomenon too.

The doors in my house open and close when we're not upstairs on our rooms. We also hear footsteps upstairs in the bedrooms, my family and I..

Poltergeists in the upstairs bedrooms maybe?

Psychic type abilities run through my family and growing up I always knew something was different until one night when I was 9 I woke up so find the figure of a man in the hallway of our house and I screamed but he wasn't real. I see them in many places and I call them "visitors". A lot of times it's when they attach themselves to a place thing or event. or a relative does not let go and binds them to earth and they come to me to be unbounded. the end.

You’re like Melinda on Ghost Whisperer and that’s fucking rad but also pretty spooky!

I have no idea what it could have been but it isnt the first thing thats happened to me, I've had many experiances with the paranomal, I dont know If I'm haunted or I attract spirits but there has been some incredible experiances to down right terrifing to the point where I couldnt sleep all night/stayed up crying. :( I have many stories to share.OH ARE WE?!?!?! WHERE DO YOU LIVEEE?

I’m always curious as to how people become haunted by spirits and I always think it would be cool to see/have them happen to me but I’m always grounding myself too much to have that happen I think. When did all these experiences start happening? I live in Vancouver and work in Portland!!

Okay so last winter, I started experiencing weird things all time but my most startling experience was pretty close to Halloween. I was sitting on my bed with the bedroom door wide open and suddenly it slammed shut. Very fast and almost as if it had been slammed shut very hard. There was no breeze in my room, I checked. Things have happened since and it's terrifying but cool at the same time.

Oh my gosh that would make my heart fall out of my butthole!!! The veil between this world and the spirit world becomes thinner and thinner on the days leading up to Halloween. Something is attracted to you. Have you tried reaching out to it ever?

I used to play hide and seek with the spirit of my older sister, who passed at a young age, and she would go about my house leading me with small noises or giggles It was actually really sweet once I realized it was her I've also been haunted by a violent poltergeist that used to throw stuff at me or around my room, it also liked to rattle windows and scratched me up at night so id wake up covered in scratches.

What made you finally realize it was her and does your sister still visit you? I always thought it would be cool to have a poltergeist in my house but then I snap back into reality like yeah it’s probably not a good idea.

About a month and a half ago I was sitting on my couch in the livingroom, wearing a pair of pjs, not doing anything besides watching netflix and relaxing when I felt a burning sensation on my leg, I got up running into the bathroom,when I pulled down my pants I had three long red deep scratches on my thigh. I highly believe in the paranormal and as we all know three scratches, burning etc is not a good thing so I started freaking out calling my bestfriend begging her to bring me sage...

That’s so scary! Were you doing anything different in the days leading up to that event? What do you think it could’ve been?! Also, I love sage! Rosemary and Juniper are also good for clearing out negative or evil spirits. Palo Santo Wood is great too! 

P.s. We’re neighbours!!

what's the Annabelle doll?

Annabelle is the possesed raggedy ann doll from 1970 that inspired the movie the Conjuring. You can read more about her story here.


One time when my family arrived to the funeral home before my grandpa's funeral I went to the restroom before anyone got there and I heard footsteps .everywhere else was carpeted but the restrooms and I was alone. I looked under the stalls and I was only one in there. That's just about the only ghost story I have LOL

OOoo I wonder what kinda shoes they were wearing! lol I’ve always wanted to work in a funeral home though, I think it would be so eery. I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa.

Great blog!

I did ghost and historical tours in Salem, Ma for awhile. I have a SHIT ton of stories. A woman was scratched on her neck at the Ward house, my dress was tugged at the old burying point, another time I saw a man that immediately wasn't there at the old burying point as I was leaving, I've been pushed, I've had people on tours be pushed, had their clothes pulled...you name it. Where should I begin? Haha

Oh my gosh I want to be your best friend so I can hear about all your stories and go on ghostie adventures! <3


Does anyone have any personal ghosts stories, paranormal experiences, or photos they’d like to share? I wanna hear and see them!